Our track record


Market Pulp Mill, (Sumatra, Indonesia). The PT Toba Pulp Lestari mill at Samosir in Sumatra produces ECF market pulp from a range of plantation eucalypt and acacia sources. It gained environmental management system certificatiion from Lloyds of London to ISO-14000 standards in October 2004 and has a commitment to continuous improvement of its environmental performance. We have constructed a millwide simulation of their production systems and water & effluent treatment systems and we are working with their staff to support the optimization of their environmental performance.

Dairy manufacturer (Victoria). Working with company staff  we have provided simulations of milk extract production facilities to allow the optimization of production costs and the lallocation of process loads to maximize value-adding.

Pulp Mill Expansion (Victoria). Constructed a simulation of a pulp production facility for a large integrated pulp and paper facility . The simulation is being used to optimize design of the new pulp production plant to cope with the changing product demand from the ciustomer machines.

Nalco Australia Ltd. - Steel Making Plant.  CTS has a collaborative arrangement with Nalco where we provide support for their simulation technology. In the case of this major Australian steel plant, the extensive water systems of the plant are being progressively simulated to allow reduction in water use and conservation of treatment chemicals as well as better control over the thermal performance of the system.

Plasterboard Manufacturer (NSW). Simulation of options for water and energy conservation in plasterboard drying kiln air-handling and exhaust system.

Dairy manufacturer (Victoria). Working with company staff in collaboration with Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria to develop optimal designs for a medium-scale co-generation system. Energy savings projected > A$1M.

Large Pulp & Paper Mill. Working in collaboration with Veolia Water Australia to develop a full mill-scale water and energy simulation.

Veolia Water Australia. Supplying a range of water treatment plant simulations as well as process consulting services to support the company’s applications in the pulp & paper and general primary and secondary industries - ongoing partnering arrangement. Current projects include municipal wastewater reclamation, brewing, steel making, fertilisers, food manufacture and minerals treatment industries.

Recycling Plasterboard Mill (USA). Working in collaboration with equipment suppliers to simulate water reclamation opportunities for a mill wishing to reduce utility costs.

Alumium Smelter (Victoria). Modeling of extensive process water system for optimizing consumption and examining closed water system options.

Food Manufacturer (Melbourne, Victoria). Production of detailed scheduling simulation from receipt of raw material by road tanker, storage, thermal processing, extraction and concentration stages. Work with client staff to configure and validate simulation. Train staff in applications. (Ongoing project with links planned to plant PLC systems).

Pulp & Paper Project (Queensland) Water Supply, Facilities Management and Environmental Company Consortium. P&P process engineering advice; simulation of paper manufacturing plant and water supply / reclamation plant for Low Liquid Effluent paper mill project; collaboration with optimization of water reclamation process design.

Packaging paper mill (Queensland). Providing simulation and process engineering support under subcontract arrangement with SPEC Engineers, who are undertaking a feasibility study for additional specialized equipment to allow increased internal water recycling.

Amcor Cartonboards (Petrie, Qld). Simulation of water and wastewater treatment/reclamation systems. Development of strategic plan for water and energy conservation. Development of simulation tools and a management plan for wastewater treatment pond maintenance and advice on pond performance improvement in association with University of Queensland consultants. Develop overall environmental improvement plan and coordinate mill taskforce. Assist client in discussions with EPA. Full simulation of mill including fibre, water chemical and steam/power systems. Full simulation of new wet-end rebuild project. Participation with simulation in HAZOPS study.

Vivendi Water Australia (now Veolia Water Australia). Pulp & paper consultant acting for VWA, member of Bundaberg 2000 consortium for bleached pulp mill feasibility study. Developed detailed dynamic simulation of pulping and bleaching lines, chemical recovery systems and water reclamation systems and provided initial designs for totally closed water system configuration. Working with Multiplex consortium member and their P&P consultants Sandwell, BC, Canada to develop mill process configurations for feasibility study. Simulations formed part of consortium’s EIS submission to Queensland Government (approved.)

Pulp & Paper Mill (Victoria). Process analysis with modeling of blow system, blow heat recovery system and foul gas transport system; paper machine water system. Ongoing training courses and continued support for in-house application of CADSIM Plus.

Recycled Paper Mill (Melbourne, Vic). Modeling of short loop improvement project to provide Project team with mill model capable of simulating monthly grade making cycles and breaks/machine downtime. Resulted in large capital cost savings for project due to buffer storage size optimization.

Sinclair Knight Merz (Brisbane & Sydney). Provided support and training for process simulation technology and process engineering advice for forestry-based industries and water/wastewater systems (including large power station applications).

Connell Wagner (Brisbane). Providing support and training for process simulation technology applied in the power industry in Queensland (ongoing).

Australian Hardboards Limited (Ipswich). Provided support and training for process simulation technology and developed complete mill simulation for the development of a water reduction plan and the design of an effluent reclamation system (to be built by Sinclair Knight Merz).

Norske-Skog (Albury). Providing support and training for process simulation technology. Facilitating interface between mill data/control systems (Siemens Simatic) and plant simulations in CADSIM Plus.

Arisa Limited (Adelaide). Process design and project costing for tightly-closed water treatment system for proposed straw pulping facility. Preparation of total mass and energy balances, process costing models and internal recycle analysis for pulpline, water supply, chemical recovery and effluent reclamation systems. Preparation of complete P&I drawings for pulpmill project. Representing Arisa in discussions with EPA, with construction company McConnell-Dowell and with licensor company NACO Italy on adaptation of licensed designs to Australian minimum-water conditions. Co-applicant with Arisa for patents on closed water system for straw-pulping process.

Regional Water Authority (Victoria). Consultant for effluent treatment and process industry proposal for a regional water authority. Dynamic simulation of sewerage transport, treatment plant and treated effluent pumping station/pipeline/outfall.

Hyder Consulting (Melbourne). Provided dynamic process modeling services including modeling of potable water treatments and potable water distribution systems for Barwon Water.

Barwon Water (Geelong). As a water management system, modeled potable reservoir network in CADSIM Plus. Three licenses to operate the reservoir management system.

Pulp and Paper Mill (North Island, NZ). Technical and economic audit of proposed river water treatment system. Construction of economic cost/benefit analysis model for water systems. Dynamic modeling of treatment system in CADSIM Plus.

Recycled Paperboard Mill (Perth). Audit of water and effluent performances. Production of mass and energy balances for mill, design and costing of options and recommendation of staged improvements to allow progressive improvement in water consumption, energy efficiency and effluent quality and quantity.

Plasterboard Mill (UK). Technical advice on effluent treatment operations, modeling and design for plaster wallboard mill experiencing tightening of environmental constraints.

United Paper Mills, Kuwait – Simon Holders Bury UK. Simulated mill water systems for low effluent paperboard recycling mill. Specified redesign of mill water systems to meet environmental constraints.

PaperlinX (Amcor) Printing Papers Group, Maryvale. Previous assistance with water system design to successful commissioning. Successful modeling of No 3 machine cleaning and whitewater systems.

Procex P/L & Amcor Research & Technology Centre, Alphington. Preliminary simulation of Climate Conditioned Test Rooms and centre’s air conditioning systems for energy minimization.

ESI Limited (Perth). Member of design and bid team for major water treatment system April Group pulpmill, Kerinci, Sumatra.

Environmental Solutions (ESI) Pty Ltd, Perth, W.A. Preliminary modeling of Enersludge oil-from-sludge reactor system.

McKinley Paper Company (Prewitt, NM). Audit role on ZLE mill water systems*. Design of debottlenecking modifications and new equipment to accommodate major expansion of mill's paperboard capacity. Design of control system improvements and supervisory control systems. *(Original co-designer and commissioning engineer for the patented Zero Liquid Effluent system pioneered for this mill.)

Newsprint Mill (San Luis Potosi, Mexico). Technical adviser in feasibility study: conversion of newsprint mill from heavy water use progressively to more-closed configuration. Facilitated in-house project team to achieve the progressive close-up plan.

Recycling Plaster Linerboard mill (Monterey, Mexico). Advisory role in development of a totally-closed water system for a recycling plaster linerboard mill.

Upanda Resources Pty Ltd (Port Moresby, PNG). Technical adviser on pulp and paper manufacturing, water treatment and environmental matters for feasibility studies for proposed pulping and papermaking facilities in PNG and China.

CADSIM Plus Users in Oceania

Alcoa World Alumina
Australian Hardboards Limited
Amcor Cartonboards
Amcor Fibre Packaging
Barwon Water
Beca Simons Ltd
BOC Gases Australia
Clean Technology Solutions Pty Ltd
Connell Wagner
Hyder Consulting
Inco Goro Nickel, New Caledonia
James Cook University Townsville
Kraft Foods
Monash University APPI
Murray Goulburn Co-operative Company Limited
Nalco Australia
Norske Skog
Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia Pty Ltd
PT. Toba Pulp Lestari TbK, Sumatra
RMIT University
Sinclair Knight Merz
SPEC Engineers
Sydney Water - Water Conservation and Recycling Branch
Tarong Energy
University of Adelaide
University of Auckland
University of Canterbury (NZ)
University of Sydney
Veolia Water Australia

What our customers say

Users ask whether it is possible to learn CADSIM Plus "out-of-the-box" and the answer is of course "yes .... but". The further questions to be asked are:
* How productive is this learning? ( How much will it cost in staff time?)
* How productive will the results be from the self-taught engineer compared with a fully-trained engineer? (How fast till he/she comes up to fully taking advantage of CADSIM Plus's powerful capabilities?)

We're obviously self-interested in this matter but it's interesting to note that most commercial simulation systems suggest a training course and some won't even sell their software without a week's training bundled into the price. It is also worth mentioning that Aurel's experience is that there have been "a very few" users who have elected to teach themselves. They've received telephone and e-mail support (the Canadians are softies really!) and they've eventually become competent users of at least many of CADSIM's features; however their managers might ask what they could have achieved (saved) if they'd taken a combined training course and workshop session to "kick-start" their simulation projects and immediately gain the benefits from the investment of time and money. We obtain feedback forms from our clients and these indicate strongly that a generous ratio of instructors/students contributes to a significant improvement in outcomes. We ensure there are sufficient instructors working with your people face-to-face to further understand what you wish to achieve with your CADSIM Plus package and therefore be in a better position to effectively support your people.

We'll add in all modesty that our most recent course (run in March, jointly for a large water treatment company and one of their Sydney consultant companies) yielded the following summary comments in the evaluation forms:
"Most useful = learning by doing"
"Very good - expect some phonecalls!"
"Thank you, it was a very useful workshop"
"The course was excellent - just hope we get to use the skills ASAP"
Instructor Rating: "Excellent! Very enthusiastic and also patient! Gave easy-to-understand, logical instructions"
"Thanks for a great CADSIM training course!!"
"Interactive class was excellent. The only way to learn this type of tool."