Who Are We?

Clean Technology Solutions is a consulting engineering company specializing in the use of Dynamic Process Simulation to enable the sustainable use of materials and energy resources for manufacturing processes and water and energy services.


To be the best facilitator for the adoption by our clients of Cleaner Production technology. To work collaboratively with client staff, transferring appropriate technology to them, supporting their continuous improvement efforts and empowering them to establish sustainable manufacturing within our clients’ organizations.

Core Stuff

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Statement of purpose

  • Clean Technology Solutions Pty Ltd is a specialist consultancy in the Environmental Process Engineering industry.
  • We provide innovative system design solutions to allow clients to meet their environmental goals and conserve materials and energy. We provide and support the simulation software tools for clients to cost-effectively manage their environmental stewardship.
  • Our professional, highly-competitive service is based on experience, a demonstrated track record of achievement and the selective use of appropriate technology.
  • We are committed to working with your people in a partnering relationship; to maximize added value and support ownership of the results for sustainable improvement
  • Clean Technology Solutions offers unique experience in materials and energy conservation. We bring to you the world’s best available technology and work collaboratively as part of your business team to achieve optimal solutions for your business.
  • We can recommend, through our network of trusted associates, a broad range of resources and skills to assist with project implementation and operations.
  • We are the most cost-effective solution for your environmental engineering improvement requirements.

Methodology - How we’re different

We’re different from other consulting companies in that we’re committed to working together with your people because we transfer the knowledge and the technological tools to you. We don’t just talk about “partnering” - we build it into our work methodology. We measure our success by your success – in implementing sustainable process solutions.

We recognize that much of the best information about the client’s process resides with the client’s staff. All our work is geared around this central proposition. We believe that if we work collaboratively with the client’s people the following benefits flow to the client:

  • The process being simulated is configured correctly in the first instance. Much of this “get it right the first time” is due to our own extensive industrial experience but this doesn’t in itself guarantee success. We believe strongly that if we work together with your engineers, we have the best chance of getting your simulation correctly configured.
  • Client data is more available and accurate, again minimizing the need for extended iteration stages and costs for the client.
  • Client staff often identify improvement opportunities during the actual process of defining the simulation. (Corrections too are made: our experience is that working in this way often allows the client’s engineers to identify existing P&I drawing inadequacies – the inevitable connection and control changes that didn’t quite make it onto the drawings!)
  • Data shortcomings can be identified and corrected sooner rather than later
  • Client staff develop an ownership of the system, making information transfer and training easier and increasing the probability of the staff using this powerful process engineering tool to its full extent.
  • Users develop deeper insights into their manufacturing process through the simulation and identify new opportunities for process optimization.
  • We encourage our clients to include the financial dimension in their models so that staff are more fully involved in the business purpose, rather than merely handling mass and energy as value-free properties.

We suggest that, following the successful commissioning of a plant simulation, you consider using our facilitation services to assist your staff in whatever process optimization task you have e.g. Energy Conservation Taskforce, Water Savings Taskforce. We are experienced working with industrial client groups in this way and have found the results from this approach to be spectacularly better than traditional consultant/client relationships at arm’s length. We see this feature as being one of our major strengths and we’re happy to provide references for you to contact.

If however you wish first to see the sorts of results we can achieve in a conventional consulting role we have an established track record. See our project reference list.

Staff profiles

Clean Technology Solutions operates as a small consultancy of chemical and electrical engineers. We also utilize networked resources which include experts in effluent treatment, quality assurance systems, risk management, purchasing and scheduling, control systems, asset management, engineering planning, boiler water treatment and corrosion control. All of these associates are trusted by us and have extensive industrial experience. Our key staff resources are David Harris, Richard Harris, Nat Bingham, Danny Murphy and Aaron Pino.